My receipt says I won prizes, how do I claim them?

On the your receipts during the promotion, you will see a message saying "You've Won # Prizes". The number of "Prizes" on here is the number of digital tickets you have earned from your transaction. 

If you scan the QR code on this receipt using your smart phone, this will take you to our website If you cannot scan the code, just go directly to the website
Once you are at, you need to login using your More Rewards account information to access your digital tickets and prizes.

To access your prize, here's all you need to do:

  1. Go to our contest website at and click on the OPEN YOUR PRIZES button.
  2. Log-in at More Rewards: To access your digital game tickets, you need to log-in to your More Rewards account. This log-in is exactly the same as at - except once logged in, you are automatically redirected back to the Win-Win site and are logged in. At the More Rewards screen: 
    1. If you have an account, simply log-in with your email, password, click the captcha box and click on login.  
    2. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions to register your card or sign-up for a new card, just like at 
  3. After logging in with More Rewards, you will be logged in to your Win-Win account! Click the button to reveal your prizes.

  4. Now you will be able to click to reveal your prize!