How do I open my digital ticket?

There are two ways to open your digital tickets to reveal your instant win prize and spin to win game:

With Email:

If you have an email address connected to your More Rewards card and you have opt-ed in for future email communications, you will receive your digital game ticket via email immediately after you made a qualifying transaction. To open:
  1. You receive an email with your digital game ticket and you click to open.
  2. You will be automatically logged into your Win-Win account and you'll be able to click to reveal your prize. You will see a fun peel away animation!
  3. You will see your prize! This prize could be More Rewards Points or Food Prizes.

No Email:

If you do not have an email on file with More Rewards or have not opted in for email communications, you can still access your digital game tickets! Here’s how:

  1. Go to our contest website at and click on the OPEN YOUR PRIZES button.
  2. Log-in at More Rewards: To access your digital game tickets, you need to log-in to your More Rewards account. This log-in is exactly the same as at - except once logged in, you are automatically redirected back to the Win-Win site and are logged in. At the More Rewards screen: 
    1. If you have an account, simply log-in with your email, password, click the captcha box and click on login.  
    2. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions to register your card or sign-up for a new card, just like at 
  3. After logging in with More Rewards, you will be logged in to your Win-Win account! Click the button to reveal your prizes.

  4. Just like the email version, now you will be able to click to reveal your prize!